Dream of a New World

I do not need to dream up more worlds. My fingers are already flying as fast as they can… but this morning, I had a lovely dream.

Waking with a smile on my face, I rushed to jot down as much as I could remember.  It was a beautiful world, full of virtual technology that worked. You know…really worked. While I was trying to post this tiny blog post, I was forced to wrestle with two pieces of technology that did NOT work. One was a tiny portable device that should have enabled me to post the blog remotely. It did allow me to write the blog, just not  to save or post it. I suppose it was helpful in a theoretical-putting-words-in-order frame-of-mind.

The second was an editor that refused to show me the text on a visible background.  Okay, so that second one is my fault. Still, shouldn’t my computer default to something readable?  I mean, wouldn’t you expect that to be the default setting?

And now I have another story to write, because everything was not rosy in that world. Just helpful.

A world where computers are helpful.  I must’ve been dreaming.

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