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50,000 words

I did it! “Shipping Out” is now a full rough draft, written in one month.

In this novel, Tanner goes to school to learn how his world can become a productive member of the Galactic Alliance. When he gets partnered for intercultural interactions with a 3 foot tall, pink, sentient tree species who can kill him with one hand, he begins to wonder what he has signed up for. Especially when she calls him a plant-eating troll and decides the universe would be better off without his species!

Like all of the Spaceport novels, this one was a lot of fun to write, populated by a variety of individuals that make me wonder what is going on in my subconscious! Surprisingly no spiders in this one, yet, but I don’t think I should write a book without at least one spider in it…if only just for amusement’s sake.

Now back to real life for a bit!

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