Parenting in the apocalypse

Parenting in the Apocalypse

I came in from working today and my daughter was missing.

Understand: the air outside is pretty close to toxic right now. Definitely not anything you should breathe.

I looked out the window…and there was my daughter, swinging happily, surrounded by smoke…wearing an N95 mask.

I can’t decide if this is a failure of parenting or a success.

To her, life happens and she adjusts.

Wear a mask? Sure.

Stay home for months on end? No problem. She gets her friends to come play online.

The air becomes toxic? Meh. Put on a better mask and go play.

I love her approach to life.

She came in from swinging and said that she likes the N95 better than the more fashionable masks we’ve been wearing. Apparently, these are easier to wear with headphones.

While swinging, she was listening to a podcast retelling of Dante’s Inferno.

I’m going to mark this down as a win.

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