Flying Through the Aurora’s Green Fog

Expedition 46 crew member Tim Peake of the European Space Agency (ESA) shared a stunning image of a glowing aurora taken on Feb. 23, 2016, from the International Space Station. Peake wrote, “The @Space_Station just passed straight through a thick green fog of #aurora…eerie but very beautiful. #Principia” via NASA

Aurora and the Pacific Northwest

This is looking down on my home from above. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and ESA astronaut Tim Peake shared a series of aurora photographs taken from the International Space Station on Jan. 20, 2016. Kelly wrote, “#goodmorning #aurora and the Pacific Northwest! #YearInSpace” and Peake followed up with, “Getting a photo masterclass from @StationCDRKelly – magical #aurora” via NASA

First Flower Grown in Space

On Jan. 16, 2016, Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly shared photographs of a blooming zinnia flower in the Veggie plant growth facility on the International Space Station. Kelly wrote, “First ever flower grown in space makes its debut!” and “Yes, there are other life forms in space! #SpaceFlower #YearInSpace” via NASA

Zinnia Flowers Starting to Grow on the International Space Station

I wonder what these flowers will look like. Growing in 0g is critical to exploration and these developments help terrestrial small gardeners as well. Zinnia flowers are starting to grow in the International Space Station’s Veggie facility as part of the VEG-01 investigation. Veggie provides lighting and nutrient supply for plants in the form of a low-cost growth chamber and planting “pillows” to provide nutrients for the root system. via NASA

A Hubble Cosmic Couple

Here we see the spectacular cosmic pairing of the star Hen 2-427 — more commonly known as WR 124 — and the nebula M1-67 which surrounds it. from NASA via IFTTT

Welcome to Blue’s Bar

My story begins with an alien walking into a bar. I’ve had a very clear image of this bar / diner in my head since the story first popped into my head. While researching diners on the internet, I found one very similar located on Route 40, called the Route 40 Classic Diner. Today my wonderful brother went there for lunch and took pictures of it for me. He assures me the food was as good as the atmosphere. If you’re ever in the area,…