In Search of Non-binary Language

Writing the Spaceport series crashed me into the inadequacy of the English Language. I’ve always been a bit of a grammar geek. I may not always get it right, but I care. Then I began writing alien characters. In Spaceport, these aliens are not “other” but are instead people, individuals, that the humans come to understand and work with. The pronoun “it” is completely inappropriate in this context. Perhaps I am a bit Victorian, but I do not think that it is appropriate to discuss…

Spaceport Ship Caught on Video

I love it when real life mimics a story I’m working on. It seems that one of the Spaceport’s Bubble Ships has been caught on video by the US Navy. Oh…Tanner. You’ve got to remember to engage the cloaking device!  

50,000 words

I did it! “Shipping Out” is now a full rough draft, written in one month. In this novel, Tanner goes to school to learn how his world can become a productive member of the Galactic Alliance. When he gets partnered for intercultural interactions with a 3 foot tall, pink, sentient tree species who can kill him with one hand, he begins to wonder what he has signed up for. Especially when she calls him a plant-eating troll and decides the universe would be better off…

NaNo 2017

[nanostats] I have not completed my writing goals for this year. I’d hoped to have 3 novels edited by now. I’ve done 3 chapters of the first novel. And yet, I couldn’t resist doing NaNo again this year. If all goes well, I’ll have a 4th novel that needs drastic editing in a month. You can watch my stats as the month progresses.

Clean as You Bake (or What I Learned from NaNoWriMo)

I learned something important about myself today while baking cookies for a pot luck. I love baking, but I haven’t done a lot of it lately since I’ve been a bit under the weather. As I was happily dropping ingredients into the mixer, I took the no longer needed measuring cup to the sink, gave it a quick rinse and dropped it into the dishwasher. Back at the mixer, I put each ingredient away as soon as it was used. By the time I was…

Meet Chirp

This is “Chirp,” the first alien we meet at the Spaceport. He’s about 3 feet tall. What would you do if this walked up to you and started trying to communicate?

Beams of Light on a Golden Lake

This stunning Earth image taken by the Expedition 47 crew on May 31, 2016, from the International Space Station looks from northwestern China on the bottom into eastern Kazakhstan. The large lake in Kazakhstan with golden sun glint is the crescent-shaped Lake Balkhash, the second largest lake in Central Asia. via NASA

The Little Fox and the Giant Stars

Isn’t this one stunning? Such beauty is breathtaking. Like the most amazing sunset. New stars are the lifeblood of our galaxy, and there is enough material revealed by this Herschel infrared image to build stars for millions of years to come. via NASA

Atlantis on STS-101 Mission

Flames from the solid rocket boosters lit up the clouds of smoke and steam trailing behind shuttle Atlantis on May 19, 2000, as it lifted off on mission STS-101. It was the shuttle program’s third space station assembly flight, and first space flight for astronaut Jeff Williams, currently aboard the station as a member of the Expedition 47 crew. via NASA